Mailbox 2.0

The Original & Best Mail Manager and Parcel Post

Send IMs and objects to a list of names automatically!

New in Version 2.0

♦ Sends two messages and unlimited items
♦ Automatic item detection – no need to list items to send
♦ Emails mailout summary on completion – set and forget
♦ Works with lists of names and/or keys – auto detects format
♦ Includes both regular Mailbox and new HUD version
♦ Built-in duplicate detector ignores repeated names/keys
♦ Mail merge – personalise messages with recipient’s full name or first name
♦ ‘Test Click’ function to preview your mailout setup
♦ Mails up to 3000 avatars in one mailout


♦ Send bulk mailouts without using groups
♦ One-time purchase – no ongoing costs
♦ System independent – send mail to names from any source – subscribers, sales reports, visitor lists, etc
♦ Unlimited mail list sizes
♦ Automatic lookup and sending – saves hours of work
♦ Simple to use – set up configuration and then send with one click
♦ Configure sender name to your own name or your business name
♦ Store your subscriber and customer lists independently – no limits
♦ Copy – rez multiples for different mailouts, or to send faster
♦ Free replacements – if you lose it or break it I’ll replace it
♦ Free version updates for life
♦ Upgrade to a higher model any time and only pay the balance


FREE DEMO Available

Many Business and Communication Uses

♦ Promote events
♦ Inform your customers
♦ Announce latest releases
♦ Send updates
♦ Deliver gifts
♦ Send press releases
♦ Mail catalogues
♦ Send invites
♦ Inform staff, tenants
♦ Distribute publications
♦ Boost your business

How to use your Mailbox

♦ Rez the Mailbox and rename
♦ Type in your message
♦ Drag in your object/s to send
♦ Add your list of names,
♦ ‘Test Click’ to review
♦ Send mail

Easy-to-follow instructions and photos included.
See Marketplace photo links.


Available in-world at ArtiZan Creative Solutions –

Visit the new in-world store for regular daily and weekend specials.

And check out the business marketing reading room and Zanara’s free business scripts collection.

See the Mailbox Product Range below.

♦ Free version updates included.
♦ Upgrade to a higher model and only pay the difference.


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