Postmaster – Online Delivery Mail Server

Sick of important information and product update deliveries being lost to capped messages?

Tired of paying expensive subscription services and not knowing how many of your subscribers are getting your mail, or even logging in any more?

Want to make sure your mail is actually being received and seen and not lost in a pile of offline messages?

Want to increase the effectiveness of your product support, marketing and communication?



♦ Guaranteed Delivery Mail Sender
♦ Sends mail only when recipient is online
♦ No more deliveries lost to capped messages

Postmaster is perfect for sending product updates and other important items and messages. It makes sure that recipients get your mail when they are online, rather than it being lost or ignored in a pile of offline mail.

Postmaster ensures that important mail items are never lost to capped delivery by checking each avatar’s online status before sending. If they are online, mail will be delivered. If not, their name will be stored to the retry list. Postmaster will keep checking the list at regular intervals, and send to anyone who is online. It will keep doing this until the entire list has been sent, or until you stop it.

At any time you can pause the retry operation and:

♦ See the list of names already sent
♦ See the names still in retry queue
♦ Get a list of the names and UUID keys of the retry list
♦ Change the retry time frequency
♦ Order an instant online check and send
♦ Change the message and/or item to be sent
♦ Send mail to all the remaining names on the retry list, whether they are online or not.


Postmaster sends an instant message and/or any items to everyone on a list of names automatically.

♦ Automatically detects items to send – just drag them into contents – no need to list item names
♦ Works simply with a list of names – or name:key, or key only input – auto-detects format
♦ Includes option to remove duplicates from name lists
♦ Mail merge – add recipient’s full name or first name to instant message
♦ Silent operation – gives summary report via IM, email or menu
♦ Test Click function to check your setup before sending
♦ Reads any number of names notecards
♦ Stores and processes unlimited numbers of names with expandable memory scripts
♦ Checks multiple databases and the SL website for keys
♦ Copy/Mod – rez one for each product update or mailout and rename as needed


Another original innovation from ArtiZan Creative Solutions.

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